1-2-3 Magic & Emotion Coaching Parent Course

Learn to manage difficult behaviour in children 2-12 years old


Learn to manage difficult behaviour in children 2-12 years old


Gain knowledge, skills and confidence to discipline your children gently but firmly, with this three-session program for parents and carers.

Facilitated over 3 sessions (2.5 hours each) at Keystone Counselling in Canning Vale.


  • To engage your children’s cooperation by positively noticing and encouraging them

  • To set clear expectations and help them develop frustration tolerance

  • To help children’s brains to develop filters for behaving well

  • To strengthen a trusting relationship with your child

  • To resolve family conflict quietly

  • Simple strategies to practice calm parenting


All materials provided by Keystone counselling.

123 Magic Parent Course – Registration 

DATES:               Tuesday    04 / 11 / 18 February 

                            Thursday  06 / 13 / 20 February  

                            Saturday  15 / 22 / 29 February

TIME:                  5 PM - 7PM (2h*)

                            * each; over 3 consecutive weeks/sessions


25% off your booking fee


The course costs $120 (- 25% = $90) per person or $180 (-25% = $135) per couple

Call us on 9256 3663 to register for the course and pay via credit card or Cash


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Who is Running the 1-2-3 Magic Course?


The presenter for this course is Jenia Sanders who is a accredited and registered practitioner and facilitator of behaviourtonics and parentshop's 1-2-3 Magic® & Emotion Coaching program.

Jenia has has been working with families and children for most of her career, and is passionate about helping families build strong foundations and trusting relationships.

What People are Saying About the Parenting Course?


"What a relief to come across a program that preserves the dignity of the child, maintains the self-control of both the parent and the child and is actually easy to remember when memory is the first thing to go!

I realised quickly that 1-2-3 Magic can be a magnificent preventative measure that any parent can use to avoid raising a child who later down the line, needs excessive discipline or grows out of control"