About Jenia Sanders

Jenia is a fully qualified and registered counsellor and group facilitator, specializing in couples and family work.

She has been working as a mental health professional and counsellor in the non-for profit sector for over 7 years, and has been running her own general practice for most of her career.

Her mission is to help clients improve their wellbeing and their relationships with others by teaching new life skills and improving their emotional intelligence.

She extends her services to individuals, couples and families, and provides a confidential, supportive and relaxed environment. She holds extensive experience in counselling both adults and adolescent, offering support on a variety of challenges. She is passionate about providing her clients with support and resources to build their self-esteem and resilience in an every changing, fast-paced world.


Jenia has a special interest in helping couples work through the challenges of their relationships, using a psycho-educational and emotionally focussed approach, promoting relationship resilience and longevity.

She brings a holistic and eclectic approach to her practice, drawing from different counselling and psychological methodologies, and coaching practices, including Person Centred Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Emotionally Focussed Therapy, Self-Compassion and Solution Focussed Therapy.

She is a qualified facilitator of the 1-2-3 Magic Parenting and Emotion Coaching course, and holds regular workshops for young families to build their communication and gentle boundary setting with their children.

Jenia is a registered member of the Australian Counselling Association, assuring clients that professional training standards have been met. Members continuously broaden her professional spectrum by fulfilling the ongoing professional development requirements, and abide by a professional code of conduct and ethics, ensuring clients receive quality care and support.

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Counselling has a long and proven history of assisting people overcome their personal traumas and dilemmas. Counselling can help you work through any personal or relationship “issue” that is troubling you.

Many people think seeing counselling is an admission that something is terribly wrong with them; that it is a form of weakness. This is an unfortunate misconception.

Seeking support for one’s self or wanting to fully participate in one’s personal development is a positive affirmation of life, a creative undertaking that requires courage and curiosity.

Professional counselling is effective because it allows you the time and space to work through your personal or relationship issues in a safe, non-judgmental fashion. In a supportive, non-threatening counselling environment we help you sort out and clear up any personal or relationship issues that you might have. Our Counsellors are trained – both academically and through the ‘school of life’- to understand people’s motivations, desires, wants and actions. They understand why “people do the things they do”.

With this knowledge and experience our counsellors are focused on assisting you deal with, and work through, your own personal and/or relationship issues. They are committed to helping you sort out your “stuff’. Our Counsellors will assist and help you to create ways to think more clearly, make better decisions, and to feel better about yourself.

This is achieved by our Counsellors ‘walking with you’ on your journey and helping to guide you when you want it. By talking through your tension, dilemma or issue with our Counsellors you will gain insight, clarity, direction, and power.

We’re here to help you.

Confidentiality and Ethics

We are committed to providing YOU, our client with the highest standard of care. As such we hold qualifications in Counselling. A counsellor is bound by the code of ethics prescribed by their professional body, in particular ACA. This ensures your counsellor has ongoing clinical supervision and training and can deliver the highest ethical standard.

Your confidentiality and privacy is important to us and assured. Counsellors are required to breach confidentiality if you have indicated harm to yourself or others; suspected child abuse or neglect or committing of a criminal act.

We are obliged ethically to seek advice and report to statutory bodies as required.