Counselling for Anxiety and Depression

Both Anxiety and Depression are normal human emotions that can often be an appropriate and healthy response to a troubling situation. However, when either condition linger for a substantial period of time or are frequently triggered, it can have a devastating impact upon your life, making usual day-to-day activities extremely difficult to manage.


Am I Suffering from Anxiety?

Anxiety is a feeling of fear, heightened worry or uneasiness. Anxiety is a normal response when feeling threatened, vulnerable or under pressure. Our bodies produces a physical response to allow you to feel sharp and alert. Usually these physical reactions disappear once the stressful situation has passed. When anxiety remains heightened for a significant period of time it can begin to negatively impact upon your life, at which point anxiety counselling is extremely beneficial.

Anxiety can be a general emotional response, or it can be triggered by specific situations or events. Sometimes anxiety can occur when faced with a particular event or object, such as flying on an airplane or fear of getting an injection. Other times, anxiety can present itself more frequently after a traumatic experience, such as experiencing death, injury or abuse, which can lead to feelings of extreme fear or helplessness. Anxiety can also generate specific behaviours that may be repetitive and disruptive to a person’s daily life, for example, constantly washing hands/clothes or regularly checking that doors and windows are locked and/or appliances are switched off. These sorts of behaviours are generally acknowledged by the person as being somewhat unreasonable, yet they persist to constantly behave in the same manner even though it does not feel logical or reasonable.

It is important to acknowledge that as soon as action is taken, you will be well on your way to experiencing a dramatic change in your life.

Am I Suffering from Depression?

Whilst feelings of sadness and down are a part of life, severe forms of depression can impact your physical and mental health. Depression can affect anyone, at any age. Depression can be profoundly debilitating, making it hard to even get up out of bed in the mornings. Depression can have a devastating impact not just on the person suffering from the condition but also their families and the community overall.


Depression convinces you that all is hopeless, that nothing can end your misery. The truth is that depression is highly treatable, even curable. Though you may have to experiment with a few different treatment options before you arrive at a strategy that works for you, depression counselling can get you well on your way to recovery.

Skype/Phone Counselling

We offer counselling via Skype and phone where circumstances prevent attendance at our office.

These circumstances include:

  • Distance, we counsel anywhere in the world that has the hardware to enable this.

  • FIFO workers who wish to continue counselling when they are away from home

  • People with disabilities that prevent them from attending our office

  • People who are ill

  • Those who are unable to gain transport to our office


Skype counselling and phone counselling work very similarly to face to face sessions lasting an hour. They are also charged at the same rate.