About Compassion Fatigue & Burnout Management

What will be covered in our Compassion Fatigue & Burnout Management course?

A workshop tailored for caring professionals

  • Understand the causes, treatment and prevention of compassion fatigue, burnout, secondary traumatic stress, caregiver stress, countertransference, and vicarious traumatization

  • Explain how compassion fatigue erodes professional resiliency

  • Powerful self-care tools and skills for successful self-regulation

  • Demonstrate an increased capacity to remain comfortable and effective regardless of external demands

  • Implement simple, yet powerful, strategies to prevent the symptoms of Compassion Fatigue

  • Create a self-directed, easy-to-use, personalised self-care plan

  • Discover how to assert your needs and be stress free.

  • Become significantly more effective in your work by integrating simple steps into your every day practice

  • Learn the skills to sustain your longevity as a practitioner

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DATES:               Saturday March 14 

                            Saturday July 11

                            Saturday November 7

TIME:                  10 AM - 2 PM (4h*)

                            * Lunchbreak provided

The course costs $75 per person or $120 per couple

Call us on 9256 3663 to register for the course and pay via credit card or Cash


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Who is running it?


The presenter for this course is Jenia Sanders who has is a fully registered and accredited practitioner with the Australian Counselling Association.

Jenia has has supported and supervised caring professionals and support workers for over 10 years, and is passionate about helping practitioners maintain a healthy self-care routine that allows them to thrive in their careers.

What people are saying…


"I did not understand the impact compassion fatigue could have on my life, all I knew was that I felt empty and exhausted.


The strategies taught in this course have given me a healthy view on my needs and provided me with a solid foundation to maintain my self-care, and resilience during stressful periods at work."