How can Counselling help?

Why visit a counsellor?

The reasons for seeking assistance from a counsellor are many and varied. From helping with decision making to seeking strategies to cope with a situation, from grief for a loss to improving relationships, from modifying behaviour to preparing for change. The nature of concerns is as diverse as he clients who seek answers. The common goal is to find solutions, feel better and be happier.

What Types of Counselling & Therapy do we Offer?

Counselling services and therapies provided at Keystone Counselling Include-

Keystone Counselling creates a comfortable, safe and caring environment for you to share your concerns. We really listen, and offer support, guidance and understanding as we assist you to move forward into a happier more balanced future. Our service is always confidential, respectful and non-judgemental.


Keystone Counsellors are qualified members of ACA.


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Skype/Zoom/Phone Counselling

We offer counselling via Skype, Zoom and Telephone where circumstances prevent attendance at our office.

These circumstances include:

  • Distance: we counsel anywhere in the world that has the hardware to enable this.

  • FIFO workers who wish to continue counselling when they are away from home

  • People with disabilities that prevent them from attending our office

  • People who are ill

  • Those who are unable to gain transport to our office


Skype, Zoom or Telephone counselling work very similarly to face to face sessions, lasting an hour. They are also charged at the same rate.