What is the difference between a Counsellor, Psychologist and Psychiatrist?

A counsellor is a person trained to give professional guidance and support on personal, family, relationship, work or psychological issues. Although there is some overlap, counselling services can differ from those provided by other mental health professionals such as psychologists or psychiatrists. These latter professions are founded on scientific approaches specialising in diagnosis and treatment of emotional disturbance, behaviour problems and mental health disorders. Psychiatry stems from a medical discipline, therefore only psychiatrists are able to prescribe medication. Even though counsellors are informed by psychological practices, they use recognised therapeutic counselling approaches that support clients to explore their everyday life problems while guiding them to find their own workable solutions. Registered counsellors abide by the ethical practices and codes of conduct as set out by their regulatory counselling association (All Keystone Counsellors are registered with the Australian Counselling Association).

Are counselling sessions rebatable by Medicare?

Our services are not Medicare rebatable because only registered psychologists have been chosen for this service by the Government. But please note that for rebate eligibility your doctor must do an assessment and make a diagnosis for a Mental Health Care Plan. The diagnosis is then recorded on the Government health system. This diagnosis may also have future implications whenever you are asked by organisations if you have ever had a mental health diagnosis, because by law you must disclose this information (e.g. to insurance companies).  Choosing a private counsellor ensures your mental health information remains confidential.

Are counselling sessions rabatable by private health funds?

Keystone Counselling is recognised by Medibank Private for health fund rebates, so eligible members may be entitled to a benefit.

Some health funds recognise clinical psychologists only, and not counsellors. In this instance it is important to note that our counselling fees are comparable to the gap payments after psychology rebates through these other health funds. Also, these funds may only provide a certain number of claimable psychology sessions, depending on levels of cover. Clients will then need to pay full price for further attendance. Please check with your private health fund as to what your individual policy will cover, so you can make a comparison.

What payment options do you offer for appointments?

We accept payment by Cash, debit/credit card, and bank transfer. If payment is made by bank transfer, a transaction advice from your bank must be either emailed or text messaged to confirm payment.

Payment must be made on the day of your appointment.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we ask for a minimum of 24 hours notice, or the fee of the session will be charged to you. Fees for cancellation due to illness will be waved, if a medical certificate or other proof of illness can be provided.

Do you offer telephone or skype counselling?

Yes, we offer counselling in the method of your choice:

- Face to face

- Telephone


Fees apply as above.