Individuals, couples, and families
"the smallest act of caring is like a Stone cast into water; 
it will make ripples throughout the entire pond."

Welcome to Keystone Counselling

Conscious, caring, and confidential counselling in Perth.

Keystone Counselling assists individuals, couples and families to find their strengths and overcome their challenges.

We believe that every story is important, that everyone's voice matters, and that each person holds the potential to make an impact, find their purpose and live a life of fulfillment and happiness.

About Keystone Counselling

We offer a caring, confidential and professional counselling service based in Perth, Western Australia.

Our counsellors at Keystone Counselling are fully qualified and registered members of the 

Australian Counselling association. 

To invest in counselling is to invest in your future, happiness and well being. By addressing your challenges and formulating your goals, you will increase your wellbeing, improve your quality of life and achieve your dreams.

Both Anxiety and Depression are normal human emotions that can often be an appropriate and healthy response to a troubling situation.

About Jenia Sanders

Jenia is a fully qualified counsellor and has been practicing in Perth for most of her career.
She holds extensive experience in counselling both adults and adolescent in matters of Anxiety, Depression, Grief, and Self-compassion. Jenia has been working with children and adolescents for a number of years and is passionate about providing young people with support and resources to build their self-esteem and resilience in our fast-paced world. She extends her skills and knowledge of individual care into her work with couples and families, offering compassionate and objective support to clients with a variety of issues.

Keystone Counselling Courses

A three-session program for parents and carers at Keystone Counselling.


  • To engage your children’s cooperation by positively noticing and encouraging them

  • To set clear expectations and help them develop frustration tolerance

  • To help children’s brains to develop filters for behaving well

  • To resolve family conflict quietly

  • Some simple strategies to practise being a calm parent

1-2-3 Magic & Emotion Coaching Parent Course

Types of Counselling we offer

Keystone Counselling creates a comfortable, safe and caring environment for you to share your concerns. Our service is always confidential, respectful and non-judgemental.

Relationship counselling is a means of applying the right tools to help build positivity, resolve disagreements and increase resilience.

Parenting workshops are run regularly at Keystone Counselling, and can be booked as a group, family or individual.

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